Will the action fit my aftermarket remington 700 chassis/stock?


    It will. Depending on the chassis/stock/bottom metal, some small adjustments might be needed:
    1-We use a trigger hanger; your trigger will sit 1mm lower. Therefore, inletting might be required to set proper clearance around the trigger/safety. 
    2-The bolt body on our action is larger than the one on a R700. The magazine catch will need to be shortened to let the magazine sit at the proper height. A chassis using AR-15 buttstocks might need additional clearance on the portion behind the rear tang.

    3-The rear action screw will most likely need to be slightly trimmed to clear the sear when the bolt is cycled back. 

    4-Some chassis or stocks might need the recoil lug pocket enlarged to accept our 5/16" thick recoil lug.

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